Once upon a time there was a pickle that lived in the city of Edmonton. He was a funky sort of pickle, a little different from the rest of the pickles, as he was always up for some good times and good food. He loved pizza and enjoyed making his own varieties, using only the freshest ingredients.

One day, as the pickle was walking around town, an idea struck him. Why not use his passion for pizza to create a store that would offer a pizza experience like no other in the city? This pizza experience, combined with delicious, freshly made pizzas, would keep pizza lovers everywhere happy and asking for more. So the pickle opened the very first Funky Pickle Pizza Co. on Whyte Ave. in 1995 and graced the city with the finest, freshest, funkiest pizza ever. The pickle was very pleased that his store could keep its customers happy with mouth-watering pizza in a fun and funky way. The pickle also decided to reach out to pizza fans at local festivals and events such as the Edmonton Folk Festival and the Fringe Festival where Funky Pickle Pizza was also very popular.

As the Funky Pickle Pizza Co. grew and grew, the pickle knew that in order to continue to spread the funk, he would have to expand. He decided to set up 2 more locations in 2001, one in downtown Edmonton on the corner of Jasper Ave. and 109 Street and another in the west end of the city, just north of West Edmonton Mall on 90 Ave. Those 2 locations made it possible to bring the Funky Pickle Pizza Co. to more people so that they, too, could experience the funk that the pickle had started.

Because he wanted to bring the Funky Pickle pizza experience to more pizza lovers around the city, the pickle built a trailer so funky that it was like a whole Funky Pickle store on wheels. The pickle was very proud to be able to bring such awesome pizza experience to his customers at any special event or function.

After 6 years since stirring up the funk, the pickle is very proud of what he has brought to the city: Funky Pickle Pizza by the slice, by delivery, and by pickup at all 3 Funky Pickle locations and catering for any special events, festivals, or corporate functions. When asked to describe his feelings on his company, the pickle was quoted as saying: "Fresh, Fine and Funky!"